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EVLN: “Cool” GenZe e-scooter w/ GPS> replaced my ice r:30mi ts:30mph
500 miles on a GenZe 2.0 electric scooter (and why I no longer drive a car)
Sep 20, 2018  I've been a fan of personal electric vehicles (PEVs) for at
least a decade. Whether that means electric bicycles, e-scooters,
e-skateboards, e-unicycles, ...

EVLN: e-tron EV plays/grips/climbs on cold-snow ski-course.au (v)
Audi e-tron makes successful ascent of legendary downhill ski course
With the sensational drive up the ‘Mausefalle’ we have pushed the boundaries
even further and demonstrated all the technical ...

(tires4 vw id EV)
The ID. R chases lap record for electric vehicles on Bridgestone tyres
February 20, 2019  Bridgestone is a long-time original equipment
manufacturer for Volkswagen production vehicles  A long-term partner for a
new challenge: Bridgestone Potenza tyres will provide the optimum
performance when the Volkswagen ID. R aims to beat the lap ...

Ford executive raises doubts about VW deal for electric vehicles
13 Feb 2019 ... a senior executive with the Detroit ... a top Ford executive
says ... VW is primarily targeting low-cost, passenger car segments with its
battery-car program ... VW has committed more than $50 billion to develop
more than 50 pure battery-electric vehicles by 2025 ... "Ford's bet is on
commercial vehicles and performance vehicles" ...

EVcrash: Tesla bites tree &flames in Davie-FL (v)
Tesla crashes into tree in Davie, killing driver, police say
February 24, 2019 - A driver was killed Sunday after crashing his Tesla into
a tree along Flamingo Road in Davie ...

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