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EVLN: €1B home-grown EV.pl manufacturing plant @Warsaw.pl
Poland to open electric vehicle factory, build tailor-made car
Feb 20, 2019  Polish energy companies are set to pool their resources and
build an electric vehicles factory, as Warsaw targets 1 million EVs on the
road by 2025 ... Polish state-owned energy companies are planning to develop
a new €1bn plant manufacturing electric vehicles ...

EVLN: Kona Battles (compared2) Bolt> (EVs are NOT lame= Crazy Demand)
2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV and 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric Battle To Find the
Best Alternative to the Tesla Model 3
Feb 20, 2019  Tesla didn't attract nearly half a million reservations for
the Model 3 because electric vehicles are lame. Quite the contrary: Instant
torque, one-pedal driving, and ...

(40 Tata e-buses4 Lucknow.in launch/flag-off)
Lucknow Flags Off Electric Buses, Total Of 40 Will Run In The City In Next
Four Months
Feb 12, 2019  India has been making a slow but steady shift towards an
electric vehicle fleet for its public transport needs and Lucknow has now
become the latest city to join ... buses ... completely developed within
India ... a range of 150km ...

Hyundai Can’t Ship You That Promised Kona Electric Due To Crazy Demand
2019-02-21  As their statement suggests, the delay for some in EV-thirsty
non-ZEV states may not be too long, so there is hope on the horizon for
some. The question now ...

VIDEO: Electric Aussie Racing Car unleashed
23rd February, 2019  Aussie Racing Cars has released footage of its electric
concept car cutting laps of Norwell Motorplex. The 'Aus e Car' will make its
first public appearance at next ...

EVpodcast: caradvice.com.au special> EV mega test
Let's talk electric vehicles: a CarAdvice podcast special
February 22, 2019  The electric vehicle revolution is accelerating ...
Barely a week goes by without us talking about electric vehicles ...

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