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EVLN: Leaf EV rebate4 Cherokee Nation citizens &employees
Nissan electric vehicle rebate available to Cherokee Nation citizens,
2019 Nissan LEAF during Cherokee Nation tribe’s electric vehicle ride and
drive event ... announced a limited time rebate ...

EVLN: Stupid-fast Tesla-X Autobahn Run (v)
Tesla Model X Hits Autobahn For High-Speed Run: Video
FEB 21 2019 ... go super fast in an SUV ... The Tesla Model X electric SUV
is known for its amazing quickness, but what's it like at very high ...

Vermont considers tax on electric vehicle charging
Mar 01, 2019  MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont is preparing for more electric
vehicles on the road. It's a top priority in meeting the state's renewable
energy goals. The state ...

Anti-Tesla/EV road rage experiences?
Feb 10, 2019 ... Yeah I still get drivers, particularly at night, lingering
off my wing taking a good look at the center screen ... (comedian George
Carlin: “Have you ever noticed anyone driving slower than you is an idiot,
and anyone driving faster is a maniac?”) ...

Real-time repair-status now in Tesla's app (v)
Tesla app now keeps track of electric vehicle's repair status
The Tesla app has been updated to keep track of the real-time status of a
Tesla electric vehicle's repairs, as part of the company's wider initiative
of improving its ... (video  flash)

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