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EVLN: Kangaroo 360kW hyper_e-SUV (v)
GFG Style Kangaroo Is An Electric “Hyper-SUV” w/ 483HP
... over the weekend but it’s only now that the company has released
official images and specifications for the vehicle. Dubbed an ‘electric
hyper-SUV’, the GFG Style Kangaroo is unlike any other vehicle ...

EVLN: Tesla Blade Runner 6seat e-truck (v)
Tesla Blade Runner: Everything We Know About Elon Musk’s 6-Seater Pickup
2019-03-04  The Tesla pickup truck will look like a proper truck, a design
barely seen in electric vehicles so far. Musk also said that this electric
pickup truck will have a “cyberpunk, Blade Runner-like” look ... (video

2020 Mercedes S Class gets massive touchscreen like Tesla – Spied
Feb 21, 2019  2020 Mercedes S Class gets massive touchscreen like Tesla –
Spied ... To be called as the Mercedes EQ S, the electric limousine will
serve as a flagship to the ...

Tesla says it is being discriminated out of cheaper electricity rates for
Superchargers in New York
Mar. 6th 2019  Tesla is arguing that it is being blocked access to a new
program in New York that would result in lower electricity rates for
electric vehicle charging stations due ..

Horsemen.uk fear quiet EVs (?koch-koolaid?)
evmatch pr: (not ready4 primetime, another home-EVSE-share)

L3-250kW Tesla HyperEVSE-V3 activation> (raises the charging bar)
Tesla to activate first ultra-fast Supercharger V3.0 this Wednesday
While Tesla’s upcoming Supercharger V3.0 rollout is a way for the electric
car maker to establish and emphasize its lead in the electric car market ...
unless you got a monster battery pack or have like a crazy high C rating ...

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