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EVLN: Groovy-cute eTuk> but check if allowed in your city 1st
The eTuk: Will It Work In The US?
Mar 4, 2019  If you've ever vacationed in Africa or the Middle East (or,
dear reader, you live there and read RideApart, thanks!), you're familiar
with that particular ...

EVLN: (vw-pr) 400-pouch-cell Taycan EV> 20k-pre-orders sold out
First electric Porsche already sold out
March 06, 2019  Porsche Taycan EV smashes pre-order record before launch
Porsche's first full battery-electric model has Taycan the record for
pre-orders for any ... and Mercedes-Benz's upcoming EQS, based on Benz's
first dedicated EV ...

40 years before the LiveWire, engineers built this electric Harley-Davidson
Feb. 20th 2019  Harley-Davidson's LiveWire electric motorcycle has been
making waves ever since the production version was unveiled last November.
Despite its high $29,799 ...

Solar Electric Boat Arrives In Florida — On Sale For $53,000
March 9th, 2019  Boat regulations are super slim compared to car
regulations. ... Last year, he found out about a solar electric boat
produced in Poland, which is where his roots ...

Tesla debuts Rs 24 lakh Model 3 electric sedan
2019-03-01  "Especially at this juncture when they're going through such a
difficult period as the EV (electric vehicle) tax credit rolls off in the
US, this is really exactly what the ...

Modified 2014 Tesla-S_85 Fremont police cruiser> ready4 duty
Tesla Model S Fremont PD police cruiser is complete and ready for duty
March 7, 2019  Sean Washington noted that if the Model S 85 proves to be an
effective police vehicle, Fremont PD could purchase an additional 10
electric cars, then another ...

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