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EVLN: Rs1725k/USD15.5k Dahe DH350L 72V 9.6KWh lsEV.cn 4Nepal r:150km
Dahe Electric Cars in Nepal; An Affordable Electric Car for a Price of a
March 8, 2019  Damn! I didn't think this day would ever come. First, NIU N
gave a new definition to the “affordable electric scooter” in Nepal. Now,
the tides have shifted to cars!

EVLN: (spied) Tesla Pickup Test Mule EVs transported on car-carrier
Tesla Pickup Test Mule Caught In The Wild!
The sighting transpired on Wednesday in Ohio, and it involved a truck car
carrier full of Tesla electric cars, plus one heavily wrapped pickup truck
with a Ford F-150 body. Tesla has used the body of ...

Chinese electric cars prepare US blitz in 2020 despite trade war
February 27, 2019  PALO ALTO, U.S. -- Chinese automakers plan to push ahead
with major U.S. launches of electric vehicles in 2020 despite signs of
rising protectionism and ...

Do I deserve my new Tesla electric car?
2019-03-08   So, the question still remains: Do I deserve an electric car?
My mind plays tricks on me about this question. Three years ago, I
“downsized my life” and moved to ...

Tesla Model 3 = Best Selling Electric Car In Germany
March 9th, 2019  

Online-only> close Tesla store$, premium outlet lease$= headaches?
Tesla’s Cost-Saving Plan to Close Stores Hits a Legal Speed Bump: Its Retail
2019/03/08 ... challenges from its stores' landlords ... “various
non-cancellable operating lease agreements” could lead to legal battles
should the company seek to terminate them. In that case, Tesla may not be
able to save as much money as Musk is hoping, and could be offset by its
legal bills ...

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