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EVLN: 550 JTB 200mi e-buses 4HI enviro& sustainable tourism (v)
Tour company rolls out state's first commercial fleet of electric buses
2019-03-09  “We could send out a text to all our electric vehicle owners and
say you charge now there is a 20 percent discount help absorb some of the
solar ... [video  flash]

EVLN: Tesla opens Model 3 EV sales in Mexico
Tesla launches Model 3 in Mexico as global rollout steamrolls ahead
March 8, 2019  Tesla's global rollout of the Model 3 is taking a step
forward this Friday ... to bringing its first affordable mass-market
electric vehicle to the global market. ... Tesla is set to unveil the Model
Y next week at an event at the Tesla Design ...

Surly Releases Big Easy Electric Cargo Bike
2019/03/01  Surly recommends a maximum total weight of 400 pounds. The Big
Easy looks like an awesome car-replacer for around town errands ... retails
for $5000 & available now ...
These Families Get Around Everywhere By Bike! Here's How.
5th Mar 2019 ...

Hassan Kamal Al-Sabbah: The Arab American Inventor You May Not Know
Mar 6, 2019 ... as great inventors go, Hassan Kamal Al-Sabbah is one of the
most under-appreciated ... Electric Cars  To continue his work from solar
energy and its uses in space, Al-Sabbah has patents in transforming car
circuitry to make early designs for electric cars. Again, his early designs
have become extremely prescient for the modern age, where electric cars are
being turned to as a replacement for fueling cars with petrol. Al-Sabbah
experimented on his own car to try and crack practically powering a car with
solar energy which is an incredibly early attempt at something which is
today the focus of huge companies like Tesla ...

icedEVSE: actor.uk Little Blasted4 pluging his i8 pih into Supercharger
UK Actor Gets Blasted For Blocking A Tesla Supercharger With BMW i8
2019-03-10  Hitting back at the messages, Little branded Tesla drivers as
'kinda d****', adding that he had permission to park and charge his car in
the Tesla-branded ...

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