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EVLN: E-Trio converts Maruti Dzire into EVs.in (v)
Regular Maruti Dzire converted into an electric car: How it’s done,
March 11, 2019  Electric cars will likely be one of the most common modes of
transportation in the future. While the vehicles powered by Internal
Combustion Engines (ICE) are ...

EVLN: MG ZS Electric-SUV> Fall Release
MG Is Going Electric With New Compact SUV Slated For Release In The Fall
March 11th, 2019  Across Europe, cities are banning or planning to ban
combustion vehicles from city centers. The electric MG insulates buyers from
the risk of buying a vehicle ...

Toyota Is Losing the Electric Car Race, So It Pretends Hybrids Are Better
March 12, 2019  There are at least 12 car companies currently selling an
all-electric vehicle in the United States, and Toyota isn't one of them ...
Toyota's Conservative Strategy Twisted to Bash Electric Cars ... and bet on
fuel cells in the long term is the reason that it isn't currently producing
any electric cars ... (tmc pushing their fcv on the moon)
(tmc anti-ev hype targeting dangerously-air-polluted India)
Toyota Says Selling Full-Electric Vehicles Is Less Eco-Friendly
March 11, 2019 ... Toyota, which currently doesn't sell a fully-electric
vehicle in the US, believes electric vehicles are actually less eco-friendly
than hybrids ...

($250 liftaircraft.com Hexa e-VTOL rides Austin-TX
 ... In Texas, the chief executive of LIFT Aircraft says his start-up’s
electric-powered vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft, the Hexa, plans to
begin offering 15-minute flights across a lake outside Austin this year for
$249 a pop ...

Circumvent ADA, KOLs: tesla close-stores,online-only (v)
KOLs, an abbreviation for "Key Opinion Leaders," are a growing presence in
Chinese advertising, video bloggers, & promoters ...

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