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EVLN: Lost_Wages' (auton) e-shuttles 2use Boring's $55M tunnels
Las Vegas tourism board OKs transit system talks with Musk firm
People would be carried in electric vehicles moving through parallel
tunnels, each running in one direction. The fleet could include Tesla's
Model X and Model 3 ...

EVLN: Only 500e EVs 2020-on> (%must-offer L3,L2-6kW,r:250+mi%)
Next Fiat 500 to arrive in 2020 only as electric car, executive confirms
Mar 12, 2019  Are you ready for a new generation of the Fiat 500e electric
car? At the pace of the auto industry, and its five or six year cycles, it's
overdue. And from a report ...

Tesla excluded from NY charger incentive program, argues discrimination
2019-03-13  New York has a lot to gain as Tesla continues to bring parity to
efficient fueling of electric cars with conventional gas-powered vehicles,
especially with the release

(deathOFice has NGK pull-spark-plug4 solid-state ceramic battery R&D)
The end of gas-powered cars is sending this Japanese spark plug maker to the
March 7, 2019 ... NGK Spark Plugs’ ... ultra-thin ceramic insulator ...
expertise could be applied to ... develop solid-state batteries with their
ceramic techniques ...

Rimac Will Crash Test Over $60 Million Worth Of C_Two Hypercars
March 13, 2019  The all-electric hypercar's official name will also be
announced at around that time. ... up to $63 million worth of cars could be
crashed when all is said and done.

EVcrash: Tesla &Prison_Bus w/o injuries in S.Diego-CA
1 Hurt After Tesla, Prison Bus Collide in Downtown San Diego
March 13, 2019  A bus transporting prisoners and a Tesla were involved in a
crash in ... Video of the white, four-door electric car captured by KNSD
showed its front right bumper ...

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