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EVLN: CEO Schot maintain$ an Audi TT icon poker-face> Sporty EV?
Audi TT May Live on as a Sporty Electric Car
March 15, 2019  Audi is shifting its resources to electric cars, mobility,
and technology, which may leave no room for the TT in its future lineup. A
report from Autocar revealed Audi ...

EVLN: Morley EV-converts elderly-Tojo>
skun-knuckles,thrown-spanners,wicked-language= Bugger
Opinion: Converting a classic into an electric car isn't cheap
16 Mar 2019  For a while now, I've been harbouring the idea of building an
electric car. As in, taking something like a two-grand hatchback, tearing
out the engine and stuffing ...

Porsche To Decide On Electric Boxster This Year
Mar 11, 2019  Aptly called the Boxster E, the zero-emissions,
all-wheel-drive sports car had dual electric motors each developing 121 hp
and an instant torque of 199 ...
Porsche has next-gen batteries for longer-range electric vehicles coming
next year, says CEO
Mar. 11th 2019 ...

Ikea Australia commits to 100% EV fleet by 2025
Mar 11, 2019  IKEA Australia is electrifying its entire fleet with a
commitment to have quit internal combustion engines for all delivery and
assembly vehicles nationally by 2025. IKEA Australia has a fleet of around
100 trucks to swap for EVs ...  Shanghai.cn has since made this a reality
ahead of schedule ...

Why Tesla Wants To Install Superchargers At Sheetz Gas Stations
Jun 30, 2016 - But there's a key reason why Tesla might be more interested
in placing Superchargers at Sheetz stations rather than the typical Vallero
or Shell ...

(sheetz.com pr) EVSE sites | (PA dealers not selling many plugins)
Sheetz installs superchargers
Mar 17, 2019  â€œSheetz's new supercharging sites will help grow the electric
vehicle charging network for customers while providing a quick and
convenient stop for drivers to ...

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