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EVLN: eco-volta.com pr touts lower li-ion pack fire risk
Preventing Fire in Electric Vehicles
March 18, 2019  In the case of mechanical damage to a battery pack in an
e-car, a high current initially flows through the affected region and the
temperature rises locally ...

EVLN: €50k Twike5 (gen5) 3whl-2seat> Flintstones' people-powered e-car
r:310mi ts:120mph
Exercise on your commute with the Twike 5 electric vehicle
This revolutionary two seat electric vehicle features pedal generators for
the driver to charge up the engine on the go. The car provides you with all
the exercise benefits of a bike, while travelling ...

Texas To Ban Tesla From Fixing Its Cars At State Service Centers
03/17/19  You won't find a single car dealer operating in Texas selling any
electric vehicle (EV) made by Tesla Inc. That's because under state law, car
makers must sell ...

(C$20k 2seat Solo EV.cn production facility elbows-in)
Canadian EV Maker Opens China Plant
Mar 11, 2019  Vancouver-based Electra Meccanica has begun building the Solo,
a single-passenger EV retailing for C$19,888 ($15,500), at its Zongshen Solo
EV production facility in Chongquing.cn  A Canadian entry elbows into
China's crowded electric-vehicle market ...

EVfires: CYN100k/US$15k BJEV 407EV e-vans.cn spontaneous combustion
Electric vans from one of China’s biggest EV makers are catching fire
March 19, 2019  Improving technology means that electric vehicles (EV) are
able to go for ever-longer ranges, but it’s also challenging the safety
limits of batteries, as one leading Chinese EV maker is finding ...

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