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EVLN: Colorado ICEhole parking fine$> (install EVSE where ice won't park)
ICEholes beware: Colorado is considering parking fines for blocking
electric-vehicle charging stations
Apr 22, 2019  As any thoughtful electric-vehicle driver needs to do, Sean
Mitchell plotted the stops on his road trip to Los Angeles before leaving
home last month. He didn't ...

EVLN: Daimler e-trucks made in Silicon_Forest-OR factory (v)
Daimler to make all-electric Freightliner trucks at converted Portland
Apr. 24th 2019  DTNA said it decided to make the electric vehicles in
Portland based on “multiple factors,” but specifically cited the Oregon
city's proximity to California, where EV ...

Homes with Close Proximity to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations List for
1.5 Times More
April 22, 2019  Realtor.com analysis finds that you'll pay a premium to live
in a metro that accommodates electric vehicles SANTA CLARA, Calif.,
/PRNewswire/ ... home prices in the nation's top 20 neighborhoods that are
most accommodating to electric vehicles are listed 1.5 times higher than
their surrounding metro area on average, and 2.6 times higher than the rest
of the country ...

Tesla Shows Its All-Electric Semi Delivering Cars To Customers
April 24, 2019 ... released a series of pictures and promotional videos
showing a Semi prototype carrying four different Teslas and delivering them
to customers. One of the videos shows the eager customers of a new Tesla
excitedly taking delivery when a Semi rolls into their neighborhood with
their car on the trailer ...

 (note: # of EVSE per kingdom.uk)
We are in a good position when it comes to the charging of electric vehicles
Apr 18, 2019 ... Iain Macwhirter ... he is wrong when he says there is "a
lack of charging points across Scotland" ... there are 743 publicly-funded
chargepoints north of the Border – one for every 7,127 people ... in Wales
is 98,806 people per chargepoint, for London it is 17,682 and for Northern
Ireland it is 9,789. Only the north-east of England had a better ratio with
3,931 people per chargepoint" ...

SFT Holyrood EVSE &5G infrastructure increase in Scotland
Electric car charging points and 5G to be part of infrastructure focus
24th April 2019  ELECTRIC vehicle charging points, 5G and low carbon
provision are part of the focus of the Scottish Futures Trust's next
five-year blueprint ...

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