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EVLN: (spied) Uncamouflaged Leaf EV tested in Delhi.in
Nissan Leaf and e-Note electric vehicles spotted uncamouflaged on test in
April 25,2019  However, the petrol engine is used to charge the batteries
which power the electric motors. This drive train eliminates the process of
charging the vehicle over ...

EVLN: (spied) Taycan w/ minimal camo> shows headlights &edgy design
Porsche Taycan spy photos with minimal camouflage
2019/04/26 - Porsche Taycan prototypes have been running around for what
feels like a long time, but never before have we seen the front end so
barren of ...

+ (Honda's EV.cn for the Chinese market)
Honda X-NV concept previews XR-V EV
Apr 23, 2019  Honda unveiled a new all-electric SUV concept at Auto Shanghai
2019, called the X-NV Concept. The Honda X-NV Concept previews a future SUV
exclusively ...

Elon Musk claims Tesla will have 1 million robotaxis on roads next year
April 22, 2019  Tesla hosted its Autonomy Investor Day ... to show off
technology ... to make its electric vehicles driverless ... Musk also
predicted that in two years, Tesla will be making cars with no steering
wheels or pedals ...

'Orange flash' before Australian woman's house burnt down
Apr 28 2019  The fire gutted the house and caused tens of thousands of
dollars damage ... a laptop battery, but about a hundredth the size of an
electric car," Wells said ... bicycle battery had been charging on the floor
overnight ... signs point to the lithium ion battery of Sandford's beloved
eZee Sprint e-bike ... reason for the fire would be the lithium battery
cells supplied by LG Korea ... Any lithium ion battery can catch fire. The
risk is higher when it's fully charged ...

VW-lies/Audi adds ice-sound to e-tron EV in $1.2B Avengers movie
Avengers movie adds gas engine sound to Audi’s electric e-tron in product
placement fail
Apr. 29th 2019  With the launch of their new electric SUV in the US, Audi is
now making a marketing push for the e-tron vehicle lineup — making it one of
the rare legacy ...

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