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EVLN: 2020 Kia Soul EV> Engaging,Quirky r:452km (v)
2020 Kia Soul EV Still Looks Quirky, Offers An Engaging Drive
April 28, 2019 ... the all-new Kia Soul EV is in and everything looks quite
promising. The Euro-spec version of Kia’s electric hatch is offered with a
choice of two battery-electric ...

EVLN: Kona vs Bolt> Specs Couldn’t Be Closer | (Tesla-S r:370mi)
Hyundai Kona Electric Vs. Chevrolet Bolt EV: Which Is the Better Electric
Apr 26, 2019  Up until now, if you wanted a somewhat reasonably priced
electric vehicle that had more than 200 miles of range and decent space for
four people ...

Why Are Major Car Makers Investing In Tiny EV Rivals?
April 27, 2019  It’s a strange turn of events when some of the world’s
biggest and richest car makers feel the need to invest in tiny EV-focused
rivals, so what gives? ...

Tesla boosts range of Model S to 370 miles
April 24, 2019  New York (CNN Business) Tesla has announced its two priciest
electric car models will now come with an even longer range. That could help
attract new buyers ...

Five Home-Brewed Electric Powertrain Conversions
Apr 27, 2019  Five Home-Brewed Electric Powertrain Conversions .... favorite
marque to introduce an electric model of their liking, a handful of
EV-minded moto-enthusiasts ...

Modifying EVSE.uk 4builtin TOU timer> from £200 to £70/mo
EV Charger Hacking Success!
Apr 16 2019  My car is smart enough to have a timer built in ... to get an
electrician to then test and do the final connection to the electric supply.
This would have cost more than the installation as ...

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