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EVLN: Barra sez GM's e-putruck adamantly confirmed> (camo shots)
General Motors Confirms Electric Pickup
Apr 30, 2019  General Motors CEO Mary Barra has confirmed to reporters the
automaker will one day offer a battery electric pickup truck. Barra has
alluded to such a vehicle in ...

EVLN: Xing Electrifies '69 Camaro> Novec pack cooling tech
Xing Mobility Electrifies 1969 Chevy Camaro
05.01.19 - Just such a modular drivetrain system is one of the key
technologies Xing Mobility (Taipei) has developed. At AutoTronics Taipei
2019 last ...

Apple invents new thermal management systems for electric vehicles
26 Apr 2019  Apple's Project Titan team has proposed a thermal management
system for electric vehicles. The patent application for the same was filed
with the US Patent ...

Tesla Model Y goes on display outside of its Fremont seat factory
April 27, 2019  Tesla recently had a Model Y on display for employees to see
outside of its seat ... the all-electric crossover is seen with Tesla Sport
Wheels in the color black.

 (RHD right-hand-drive Tesla-3)
Tesla is launching Model 3 RHD next week, starting with the UK
Apr 26, 2019  Over 18 months after first launching Model 3, Tesla is finally
going to bring to market ... Last year, Tesla delivered only 3,372 electric
vehicles in the country ...

Polizei.ch Tesla-X patrol-EV fleet touted as largest
Largest fleet of Tesla police patrol vehicles start hitting the roads
Apr. 27th 2019  A fleet of Tesla Model X vehicles has been converted to
police patrol ... Telebasel reported that the first police officers have
been trained to use the electric vehicle and they have now 3 Model X patrol
cars in operation with 4 more to go into operation by the end of the year –
making it the biggest known fleet of Tesla patrol vehicles ...

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