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EVLN: Cumbria.uk's Electric ambulance(RRV) fleet save$ £3.5k/yr
Electric vehicles to be added to Cumbria's ambulance fleet
7th May 2019  ELECTRIC vehicles are being introduced to the ambulance
service fleet in Cumbria as part of efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.
It is one of a number of ...

EVLN: Electric Gymkhana Autotesting is coming2.au
Ken Block: Electric Gymkhana coming
May 7, 2019  The sound of a petrol engine banging off the redline has become
a Gymkhana staple, but Ken Block is keen on electric power as well ...
whether there will be an electric Gymkhana, Block said it won't be long
before an electric vehicle hits the streets of his next host city to shred
tyres ...

RAC launches portable electric car charger for emergency roadside rescue
30 Apr 2019  RAC head of roadside rescue innovation Chris Millward said:
“Our solution enables our patrols to help stranded electric vehicle drivers
at the roadside with a ...

20 Mods These Ford Owners Took Too Far
Apr 17, 2019 ... This Ford Probe has been converted into an electric car by
its owner, who just ... Block driving his Hoonicorn Mustang sideways in one
of his Gymkhana videos ...
(note: EVSE on bldg wall)

For Toyota, hybrids become a tougher sell
May 05, 2019  There's no doubt: Tesla's electric vehicles are the talk of
the industry ... Hybrids ... just aren't perceived to be as cool or
cutting-edge as EVs ... "EVs are getting all this coverage and the marketing

Convert Eerie Creepy Disappearing Gas Stations2: public EVSE Availability
Where are all the Mystic gas stations going?
May 04. 2019 ... made into a stylish wine bar, MBAR, where you can sip and
nibble in the old garage bays of the Art Deco-style building ...

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