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EVLN: Failed Tesla eMMC bricks(kills) pack> warranty-over= sol
Hispano Suiza’s New Electric Carmen Pays Homage to the Marque’s Art Deco
May 8, 2019  “From the early 1900s to the 1940s, Hispano-Suiza cars were
famed for their exquisite luxury and meticulous attention to technical and
engineering details.

EVLN: Failed Tesla eMMC bricks(kills) pack> warranty-over= sol
A Single Component Can Brick Older Teslas and Tesla Won't Fix It
May 10, 2019  Tesla data storage chip can fail and render the car useless
... Tesla's eMMC chip ... when ... fails out of warranty, owners lose access
to ... media control unit and bricks pack ...
A piece of the data storage hardware can only store so much data before it
kills the car ...

+ (chakratec.com trolling4 investment$ ... ?flywheels?, v)
Chakratec uses kinetic energy to charge electric cars in minutes
April 28, 2019 ... has developed a local storage solution for electric
vehicle charging based on kinetic storage technology, enabling the
installation of fast chargers in the distribution ... anywhere, including
locations with a weak power grid ...

Tesla Vehicles Can Now Diagnose Problems and Order Replacement Parts
May 5, 2019  Tesla vehicles not only have the ability to drive themselves in
select situations, but they can also apparently order replacement parts for
problems you may not even know exist ... using over-the-air communication to
order parts that, in theory, will repair the self-diagnosed issue ...

E-Trike launches electric car assembly in Ethiopia
April 28, 2019  Mitsui ... Japanese electric auto manufacturing company ...
launched an assembly plant in Ethiopia for its electric car (E-Trike) ...

EVent: Nikola Tesla rally.hr 5/12-19> intl competitors .ch .de .at .be .fi
.no .ca &.za
Nikola Tesla electric car rally Croatia set to start
8 May 2019 – Billed as the world's quietest and most beautiful rally, the
Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2019 gets underway this weekend. Electric cars
from all over the world ...

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