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EVLN: 5 Vintage/old-school-cool 2wheeled EVs | (Helmet e-Wiper)
Top Five Favorite Vintage-Styled Electric Bikes Available Now
May 08, 2019  With the massive success of various manufacturers' modern
retro ranges, it's no surprise to see the emerging two-wheeled EV sector
increasingly set its sights ...

EVLN: Tesla-3's clever mystery-box drivetrain> (Munro ate crow)
Tesla’s Model 3 electric motor is a clever mystery box, says auto experts
May 8, 2019  Sandy Munro, a teardown specialist and auto industry veteran,
is releasing the results of a study he conducted with battery expert Mark
Ellis comparing the motors inside four EVs ...

Called Wipey, This Electric Helmet Wiper Is Just What Bikers Prayed For
April 25, 2019  Called Wipey, this snap-on, electric helmet wiper, is just
the thing for the latter. Visibility is an important factor when riding a
motorcycle and unlike a car, where the viewing area is massive and ...

Loveland's Lightning Systems releases powertrain for Ford F-59s
04/30/2019  Lightning Systems ... has five electric powertrains available
that work with Ford and GM delivery vans, shuttle ...

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says an electric vehicle can't tow a boat or
trailer ...
2019-05-10 ... The verdict  Mr Morrison's claim is in need of a tune up ...
Experts told Fact Check it was incorrect to suggest that electric vehicles
generally did not have towing capacity ... (tesla towing a jet)

Insurer.uk dispels 10 biggest/bizarre EV-myths>
One in ten drivers think electric cars can't be driven in the rain ...
9 May 2019  - One in ten UK motorists believe that EVs cannot be driven in
the rain ... To ensure motorists have all the facts, the insurer has
dispelled the 10 biggest electric car myths ...

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