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EVLN: NY utility gives free solar hardware to EV buyers
New York utility gives free hardware to solar and EV buyers
May 8, 2019  ConEdison is supplying the ConnectDER solution—which accepts
solar and EV wiring directly at the electric meter—when customers install
solar and electric ...

EVLN: MG ZS EV unveiled 5/16-19 @London.uk Show
MG ZS EV set to be unveiled at the London Motor Show
10 May 2019  MG has announced that the new electric version of its ZS will
be publicly revealed at next week's London Motor and Tech Show ... no
compromise for practicality

Rolec unveils new PV-powered electric vehicle charger range
May 7, 2019  Rolec EV ... solar powered (EV) charger for homeowners who
have, or intend to have, solar ... WallPod:Ev SolarCharge includes two
charging modes, allowing for charging from a combination of solar and the
grid or solar alone ...

 (Quick L3-1.2MegaWatt EVSE.no)
350 kW To 1.2 MW Fast Charging With ESS Coming To Norway
May 04, 2019  ZapGo is a member of the EV international standards body
CharIn, which is also developing standards for 1.2MW electric trucks with
the design goal of ...

Illinois considering charging $1K fee for electric vehicles
May 10, 2019  Since electric vehicle owners don't buy gasoline, state
officials decided that they needed another method to raise money from them.
Hybrids would be exempt ...
Electric car owners, brace for a jolt. A Chicago Democrat wants to charge
you $1,000 — every year.
May 11, 2019  ...

Koch(bough&paid4) (profit$-over-pollution)coalition attacks> Kill-EV-Credits
Koch-Funded Groups Still Begging Congress to Kill the Electric Car Tax
May 9, 2019  A coalition of free market advocacy groups, led by former Koch
Industries lobbyist, urged Congress on Thursday not to extend the electric
vehicle (EV) tax credit ...

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