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EVLN: (ACE-EV pr) 15,000 EVs.au by 2025
Australian electric vehicle maker ACE-EV could produce 15,000 cars by 2025
May 28, 2019  An Australian electric vehicle maker has signed a contract to
begin producing four EVs from a new Adelaide base. The Australian Clean
Energy Electric Vehicle ...

EVLN: BMW-pr copies Tesla> e-Mini EV tows 150ton Boeing777 jet (v)
BMW releases video of Mini all-electric towing a 150-ton Boeing 777
May. 31st 2019  BMW is going to launch an all-electric Mini car later this
year and in order to promote the vehicle, they released a new video of a
Mini all-electric towing a ...

Jakarta's massive bus system pilots electric vehicles
Jun 3, 2019  Indonesia's capital city, Jakarta, is piloting a program to
transition from public buses to electric vehicles. Jakarta's bus system is
the largest in the world with over ...
electric buses produced by Chinese and Indonesian manufacturers ...

New Pulsed Laser Poised to Cut Auto Production Time
The laser system will enable an improved digital design to lighten vehicle
chassis weight, which will benefit fuel economy ... Photonics: powerful new
laser to boost car manufacturing ...

 (VW,Northvolt li-ion jv)
VW Developing Joint-Venture Plan to Produce EV Batteries
May 28, 2019  Specific goals and commitments are vague, but the concept
supports VW’s broader strategy to expand its battery-powered ...

(not vw pr) Samsung can’t deliver> 15GWh discrepancy
VW needs to rethink its massive battery supply plan as Samsung can’t deliver
May. 27th 2019  The Volkswagen group is in the midst of securing a massive
amount of battery cell supply to support its ambitious electric vehicle
push, but one of its suppliers ...

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