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EVLN: 90% efficient Rolls-Royce e-airplanes ts:300mph
Rolls-Royce guns for electric airplane speed record
June 2, 2019  The plane, and the record attempt are part of a movement
expanding electric-car technologies to the skies, including electrifying
helicopters and entire airlines.

EVLN: 2019 Kona polizei patrol EV fleet in st.gallen.ch
Swiss police pick Hyundai Kona Electric as EV patrol car
May 31st 2019  2019 Hyundai Kona Electric police car 2019 Hyundai Kona
Electric police car for St. Gallen canton of Switzerland ...

Michelin Helps Move an Airless OE Car Tire Closer to Reality
June 4, 2019  "The vehicles and fleets of tomorrow -- whether autonomous,
all-electric, shared service or other applications -- will demand ...
Michelin and GM have their way, it could be within the next five years ...
Michelin and General Motors team up for new puncture-proof tire

A look inside Rimac's electric vehicle factory
MAY 31, 2019  Croatian electric hypercar company Rimac has revealed what
goes on behind the scenes at its facilities in a four-part video series that
shows off production lines ... DISCOVER RIMAC TODAY - FACTORY TOUR with Mate
Rima ...

Woman gave birth prematurely after son, 2, rammed her with Tesla 4 Jun 2019
... was pinned against the wall by her ... electric car in 12/2018 in Santa
Barbara, CA ... had only owned the Tesla for 3 days before the accident
occurred ...

Defective Tesla-3 suit> Aladdin stuck in LA again
Not His Wish: Star Of Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ Sues Tesla For Defective Model 3 In
Hollywood Crash
May 31, 2019  Massoud suffered unspecified injuries in the crash and his car
“was deemed a ... The lawsuit comes at a particularly tough period for the
electric-car maker led ...

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