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EVLN: BMW C Evolution patent shows passenger-cell,roof,backrest &seat-belt
BMW C Evolution electric scooter could be getting a roof and passenger cell
Jun. 2nd 2019  BMW’s C Evolution electric scooter is one of the largest ...
During engineering school I used to do unsanctioned DIY soap box ...

EVLN: Corsa-e 50kWh EV.uk Price,specs &range confirmed> £500 reserve
Vauxhall Corsa-e - Price, specs and range revealed as reservations open new
electric car
Jun 4, 2019  Vauxhall has confirmed the price, specs, and range for the
Corsa-e electric car ahead of its launch. The British car manufacturer has
also made this car available ...

540% EV Sales> growth expected to balloon

Tesla founder launches new electric car battery startup and there’s a twist
May. 29th 2019  Tesla's original co-founder, Martin Eberhard, is launching
yet another electric vehicle battery startup and it appears to be extremely
similar to its previous startup ...

 (To be fair, thousand more gas-powered cars have caught on fire during
those two months)

Antwerp.be SuperEVSE &Tesla-S EV fire
Tesla vehicle caught on fire while plugged in at Supercharger station
Jun. 1st 2019  A Tesla Model S has caught on fire and completely burned down
while plugged in at ... and make sure it doesn't reignite, which has been an
issue with electric car fires. ... Tesla fires at Supercharger stations have
been quite rare ...

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