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EVLN: RSL2M/US$17.4k Maruti Suzuki e-vans sold @Nexa outlets
Maruti Suzuki's electric vehicles to be sold via Nexa outlets
Jun 26, 2019  Maruti Suzuki will use its high-end Nexa outlets to sell its
upcoming electric vehicles in India. The first of these will be the
all-electric Maruti Suzuki WagonR EV ...

EVLN: BMW Power 5-Series EV “Lucy” review
Jalopnik took a ride in the BMW Power BEV “Lucy”
June 27th, 2019  Rather than a traditional 5 Series powertrain, this Power
BEV, internally known as “Lucy”, actually uses an all-electric ...

Novel electrodes enhance battery capacity
Jun 27, 2019  (Nanowerk News) Electric cars and other mobile uses could use
fast-charging batteries that pack a lot of energy in a small ...

 (Vorsteiner Tesla-3 tuned body: splitter, skirts, diffuser, spoiler, Flow
Forged wheels)
Tesla Model 3 Gets On Vorsteiner’s Radar, Does New Look Suit It?
June 27, 2019 ... tuner didn’t say how much the aftermarket kit costs ...
parts would’ve been designed in the wind tunnel ...

Scottish Government invests £20m in electric vehicles
26 Jun 2019  Two funds totalling £20.6 million have been set aside by the
Scottish Government to support the uptake of electric cars and the
construction of new charging points ...

10 picturesque EVSE.uk to enjoy charging at
Most picturesque spots to charge your electric vehicle in the UK
26 JUN 2019  These stunning images capture some of the most picturesque
electric vehicle charging points in the country, from rolling hills to the
British seaside. The 10 ...

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