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EVLN: (rumored) Bolt EUV> larger body &pack
What Do Owners Want to See from the Rumored Chevy Bolt EUV
Jun 27 2019  Basically, the Bolt EV in a larger form factor and, possibly, a
bigger battery pack. While this speculation isn't unfounded, it remains just
that: best guesses based ...

EVLN: SpaceX thrustered Tesla Roadster 0-60mph:1.9s
Musk: Roadster to Go 0-60 in 2.1 Seconds “Before Thruster Option”
June 27, 2019  The electric car company originally announced the Roadster in
November 2017 — a performance convertible that could reach 60 mph in just
1.9 seconds. Musk also teased an optional SpaceX-inspired ...

Close to Half of All Cars Sold In Norway So Far This Year are Electric
July 04th, 2019  Of the new cars sold in the country for the first six
months of 2019, nearly half were electric vehicles ...
Norway may be an oil producing country, but that doesn't mean its citizens
aren't falling in love with electric cars ...

Deep-fried i3 EV> along w/ 2-story LA-CA house's garage +ice
2-story Toluca Lake house catches fire, BMW electric car burns
June 29, 2019  The garage was heavily damaged by fire, and this BMW electric
car was a total loss

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