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EVLN: Tesla Semi truck’s strange frunkadelic shape r:500+mi
First look at the Tesla Semi’s strangely-shaped, generous frunk
June 25, 2019  better known in the electric car community as a frunk. Images
taken of the storage space indicate that the Semi’s frunk is actually a
pretty decent size, which would allow drivers to store more items ...

EVLN: $18k 16yrold's 2000 Porsche Boxster EV conversion in St.Helena-CA
St. Helena teen converts Porsche Boxster to electric vehicle
Jun 25, 2019  The conversion cost $17,000-$18,000 -- $4,000 to buy the car
secondhand and more than $ ... Porsche isn’t expected to release ...

India's Ola gets approval to run on London streets
04 July 2019  ... Ola Electric, which runs the company’s electric vehicle
business is also said to be coming to Latin America. Ola is currently
running in about 20 international cities which include nine in Australia,
seven in the UK, and three in New Zealand ...

 (?the pot.uk calling the kettle.au black?  both have EVignorant.gov's)
Why some in Britain are laughing at Australia's approach to electric ...
Jun 29, 2019  Char.gy is one of a raft of companies in the UK thriving due
to the rapid uptake of electric vehicles. The industry is thriving with the
support of the UK government, ...
the pot calling the kettle black. something you say that means people should
not criticize someone else for a fault that they have themselves ...

HMC, military & gov.uk stymid Dyson EV.uk | ?pot.uk calling kettle.au black?
Dyson's fury at Honda over electric car snub: Billionaire claims the car
giant rejected his bid to build new model in UK plant
29 June 2019  Sir James Dyson has accused Honda of scuppering a deal that
could have led to him building his new electric car in Britain ...

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