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EVLN: NASA X-57 Mod III e-plane R&D milestones in Mojave-CA
Concept to reality: NASA marks milestones in development of electric X-57
June 28, 2019  The high-aspect ratio wing contains 40 percent the area of
the Mod II vehicle’s baseline wing, and will feature repositioning ...
electric motors for X-57’s Mod II ... were powered up and spun ... as ...
spin test ... X-57, known as Mod IV, which will feature 12 small electric
high-lift motors and propellers along its wing ...

EVLN: Tesla-3 Laguna_Seca-CA Performance EV lap record (v)
Tesla Model 3 Performance shatters all-time EV lap record at Laguna Seca
July 2, 2019  A Tesla Model 3 Performance achieved the unthinkable over the
past weekend when it shattered the all-time electric vehicle lap record at
the famed Laguna ...

Lotus names its electric hypercar Evija before its debut, releases another
teaser video
Jul. 4th 2019  Lotus has announced the official name of its upcoming
all-electric hypercar before it ... Cleverly enough, “EV” is right in the
name, with Lotus saying Evija is ...

Cheeky smarty-pants Tesla-3 on dark 2lane honky-tonk Wild West desert NV
On Nevada’s Electric Highway, a Wild West ethos meets a techie future
2019/06/30  GOLDFIELD, Nev. >> We were taking a smarty-pants car through
honky-tonky country — Reno to Las Vegas. Our route: U.S. 95, Nevada’s
Electric Hwy ... 2lane road ... peppered with charging stations ... (L3&2
never fast enough for media)

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