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EVLN: $75k Curtiss Electric V8 motorcycle> Cool-Looks
The Electric V8 on This $75,000 Bike Is One of the Coolest-Looking Motors
July 10, 2019  Small-batch American motorcycle shop Curtiss is moving into
the future with high-end electric vehicles and it’s a good look. ...

EVLN: BMW Mini Rocketman EV> 2022 launch set
Mini Rocketman resurrected as compact electric car
July 10, 2019  Mini's parent company BMW has given the green light to a
heavily reworked electric-powered production version of the Rocketman - the
British company’s ultra-compact urban-based concept, first displayed in 2011

Jul 12, 2019  Electrify America to Offer Free Charging to Buyers of Harley
Davidson's Electric Livewire Motorcycle
Harley-Davidson customers will be able to take advantage of Electrify
America's network of ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers in 42 states

The All-New 2020 Mini Cooper EV Has 168 Miles of Range
July 10, 2019  Set to arrive in the U.S. in early 2020, the Mini Cooper SE
is an electric version of the two-door Hardtop that is said to inject
personality into the EV driving ..

Eve the Tesla-3 EV on 2mo cover-the-continent road-trip
Can an electric car cover the continent? This man is driving 25,000 km to
find out
Jul 07, 2019  The Tucson, Ariz., man is three weeks into a two-month road
trip around the continent in his electric car, a Tesla Model 3. He left from
Tucson last month ...

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