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EVLN: Russki-made e-buses.ru> with Cummins parts& R&D
Moscow Orders Electric Buses In Volume: Kamaz Builds New EV Plant
Jul 13, 2019  Moscow is going electric in a bold way ... intends to purchase
300 electric buses per year in 2019-2020 ... High demand enables local
manufacturer Kamaz to leverage its EV competence ...

EVLN: Before Tesla was the tzero> an Alpha EV (v)
tzero Flashback — Diving Into The EV That Kicked Off A Revolution
Jul 13, 2019  And, thus, the history of the rebirth of the electric vehicle
(EV) was rekindled again when he created Tesla Motors. Don't gasp. Take deep
breaths … that's just ...

Metro Transit's first electric buses removed from service
July 19, 2019  Other buses are being used to provide C Line service.  Eight
electric buses that are part of Metro Transit's C Line rapid bus service
have been temporarily removed from service this week due to issues with
their chargers. The vehicles are the first ...

It’s The Batteries, Stupid
July 20th, 2019 …and it's building a lot of them — 95,200 (car) battery
packs on the road in the most recent quarter, if we strictly go by the
number of cars ... As Tesla’s margins improve with increasing battery
production, competitors will have to accept slimmer margins, as most legacy
automakers are just embarking on the EV path now. Big Auto must invest
billions of dollars to build EV capacity that will allow them to take on a
fast-growing Tesla ...

 (May affect EVs too)
(possible but unlikely)> sunlight+Water-Bottle= fire starter
Warning: Leaving bottled water in your car could start a fire
Jul 18 2019  Firefighters Warn Plastic Water Bottles Left In A Hot Vehicle
Can Start ... As much of the country swelters in hot and humid ... a plastic
bottle of water in a hot car in direct sunlight can start a fire fire inside
your EV ...

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