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(spotted) RHD Tesla-3 EVs in OZ | (EV emoji)
First RHD Model 3 electric cars spotted in Australia, but some buyers may
have to wait
July 18, 2019  First RHD Model 3 electric cars spotted in Australia, but
some ... The first right hand drive Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles have ...
There is speculation that these Model 3s could be targeted for ... Those
first deliveries, some three years after the Model 3 was first unveiled and
attracted a global waiting list of ...

EVLN: Karem manufacturing Uber's Butterfly e-VTOL Air Taxis
Press release: Karem Aircraft Launches New Air Taxi Company
16 Jul 2019 ... The new venture continues Karem Aircraft's partnership with
Uber for the ... venture will manufacture vehicles for Uber’s network of
all-electric air taxis ...

+ (VW wants an EV emoji)
Electrify America Wants To Have An EV Charger Emoji
Jul 16, 2019  And you can help it get there by signing the petition ...

(?80k of the same antiquated L2-only short-range 500e EVs?)
FCA goes big on little Fiat 500 EV, plans to built 80,000
FCA's chief operating officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Pietro
Gorlier, announced the investment ...

Leaf EV br,ar,co,cl launched &building EVSE infrastructure r:270km
Nissan launches Leaf EV in four Latin markets
July 20, 2019  Nissan Leaf EV launched in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and
Chile, says the company in a release. ... Nissan claimed that with this
zero-emission vehicle, the automaker will be able to achieve a leading spot
in offering sustainable mobility solutions to the Latin American customers

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