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EVLN: Powell's custom 6' ride-in e-skateboards resemble classic cars
Oakland skateboard designer finds vehicles for creativity
Others, like the Bus, are electric-powered luxury boards that sell for a
premium, much like their life-size counterparts ...
(video  flash)

EVLN: Lyft driver teaches about his Tesla-3 EV> Autopilot saved him
My Lyft driver taught me so much about his Tesla Model 3, I feel way more
compelled to buy one. Here are the 10 most interesting features I discovered
August 3, 2019 ... This past Sunday, I got my first chance to ride in
Tesla's Model 3, the company's most affordable electric cars ...

Audi e-tron Scooter unveiled as an electric scooter and skateboard hybrid
Aug. 5th 2019  Audi has a new electric micro-mobility offering known as the
e-tron Scooter. Half skateboard, half scooter ...

Tesla AutoPilot V10 update may be able to display Sentry
August 12, 2019 ... Their low theft rate may be related to the fact that, as
electric vehicles, they are usually parked in garages or close to a house to
be near a power supply.” ... HLDI showed that electric vehicles from a
variety of manufacturers have lower theft claim rates than comparable
vehicles.” ...

Tesla brings back free unlimited supercharging for the Model S and X
2019-08-03  Tesla is resurrecting a popular benefit that CEO Elon Musk once
called “unsustainable” as it attempts to boost sales of its ...

Robotic-EVSE to plugin auton EVs(AVs) in SF-CA
Robots Set to Fast-Charge Self-Driving Electric Vehicle
The companies said they recognize the emergence of electric and autonomous
vehicle fleets, and are jointly working to address the absence of dedicated

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