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EVLN: 2e-motor Taycan looks impressive 0-60mph:3s (v)
VIDEO: The Porsche Taycan looks mightily impressive
August 10th, 2019  Tesla is the EV-darling, especially in terms of
performance. ... It will use two electric motors, one at each axle, to give
it full-time torque vectoring ...

EVLN: Benoit's e-Rat Rod conversion> EV know-how &gearhead ambition
Tesla rebel mechanic Rich Rebuilds is electrifying a Ford Model A ‘Rat Rod’
August 3, 2019  Rich Benoit of the popular YouTube channel ‘Rich Rebuilds’
has a reputation for breathing life into Tesla’s electric cars ...

Plasmaball Run: Three (non-Tesla) electric cars charge to Esperance from
2019-08-11  West Australian AEVA members initiate a “Plasmaball Run”
challenge to get to Esperance as quick as they can by electric car ...
remember the 1981 movie ‘Cannonball Run’ starring Burt Reynolds?  The goal
was to drive from one side of the US to the other in record time, & anything
was fair game ...

First Croatian Electric Race Car Reaches 100 km/h in
Three Seconds
12 August 2019  But the last car that has been made by them stands out the
most ... each project comes a shift of generations. After the project is
over ... mostly new, ''fresh'' people come and start working on new
projects. We always try to transfer the knowledge and technical solutions
from the previous cars to the next generation ...

Tesla Model 3 featured in Chevron ad for battery and fast charger
August 4, 2019  In a marketing video touting the energy giant’s partnerships
with Natron Energy and ChargePoint, a white Tesla Model 3 was ...

(trolling4$) exide.in,leclanché.ch jv Li2TiO3 packs4 EVs.in
Exide’s Gujarat plant to produce batteries for EVs to be operational by
August 4, 2019  Eyeing India's electric vehicle (EV) market and grid-based
applications, Exide had formed a joint venture with Switzerland-based
Leclanché SA ...

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