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EVLN: Cold-weather heat pumps 2reduce EV pack range loss
Can heat pumps solve cold-weather range loss for EVs?
August 8, 2019 ... Cold winter weather can cut the effective driving range
of some electric vehicles by 40 percent or more. Partly to blame is that the
resistive heating electric cars ...

EVLN: Leno sez no reason to have an ice> they're a Dying-Breed
Jay Leno Thinks Gasoline Cars Are A Dying Breed
August 10, 2019 ... the celebrity gearhead is a big supporter of the
electric car revolution ... Automakers are working to make the electric car
revolution happen sooner rather than later. Tesla currently dominates the
market ...

EV startup unveils new insane-looking electric car with ‘400 miles’ of range
Aug. 1st 2019  Human Horizons, a new China-based electric car startup, has
launched its new premium all-electric smart brand, HiPhi, and unveiled its
first car, the HiPhi 1, an insane-looking electric SUV with up to 400 miles
of range ...

Death of internal combustion: 1000 kilometers EV range
Aug 09, 2019 ... will be the final nail in the coffin of internal combustion
cars ... With gasoline stations shutting down, guess who then gets range
anxiety ...

A statewide greenmarket food hub will soon take root in
the south Bronx
August 10, 2019 ... Hub’s eco-friendly design includes a combo solar and
green roof, an electric truck charging station ... will fortify rural
communities by paying farmers fairly for the food they produce ... will
distribute food throughout NYC and increase access to affordable, healthy
foods and fresh produce in underserved communities ...

(More bananas)> EVs threaten Houston-TX gas stations(?)
As EVs threaten gas stations, owners turn to Amazon lockers, fast food
Aug. 9, 2019  By 2035, a quarter of the American car fleet will have some
form of electric engine ... But by 2035 electric vehicles could cut gasoline
demand roughly in half ...

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