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EVLN: 100 more women-driven e-tuks.in> cheaper & less pollution
Chennai to see 100 women-driven electric autos soon:
Yasmeen Jawahar, CEO, Makkal Auto
September 4, 2019  Picture this: No jet black smoke from vehicles. No
constant noise from engines. No toxic carbon-laden air to choke your lungs
as you walk along a city ...

EVLN: GM's 1st e-truck only sold for 1yr> like an aircraft taking off
GM Had The First Electric Pickup With The 1997-1998
Chevrolet S10 EV
Sep 4, 2019  GM was actually the first major automotive manufacturer to put
an fully electric pickup truck into production, however. The Chevrolet S10
EV was launched in ...

+ (dink-Cadillac’s current EV strategy= baffling)
Cadillac's Still Not Convincing Anyone
September 4, 2019  Cadillac's “futures” strategy remains vague ... Here at
Jalopnik, we've made no secret over how baffled we are over Cadillac's
current strategy ...  it just launched an unnamed EV rendering in 2019 ...

 (detroitnews scare tactics> (smells like $koch$-spirit)
Shift to electric vehicles will radically change auto factories
Sept. 5, 2019 ... EVs will have many fewer parts ... with fewer jobs ...
batteries and electric motors ... could be sourced offshore ... anxiety at
the United Auto Workers union ... issued ... 40-page report ...
"implications" of electric vehicles ... threats the "coming shift to EVs"
could bring to U.S. jobs ... shift ... will displace workers ... contracts
and employment to non-auto companies to build some components ...

 ( terribleherbst.com convenience-stores have L3&2 PV-EVSE)
Terrible Herbst Adds Solar-Powered EV Charging
LAS VEGAS —Terrible Herbst Oil Co. is adding electric vehicle (EV)
charging—but with a solar-powered twist. The Las Vegas-based
convenience-store chain ... partnering with ISM Connect ... Sun Media
Network ... off-the-grid units can charge EVs and supply lighting, and they
use high-definition smart screens to engage with customers ... (ads like at

(offt) NorCal still left dry after h2 shut off from (hindenburg?)explosion
Northern California fuel-cell drivers still left dry since June explosion
Since a June explosion at a Bay Area facility, hundreds of drivers of
hydrogen ... Northern California fuel-cell drivers still left dry since June
explosion ... Knits told Green Car Reports that she loved the Mirai but had


Koch-network’s influence-machine whoppers (v)
Wall Street Journal and Senator Barrasso Still Peddling Koch's Electric Car
September 4, 2019  Senator John Barrasso and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)
editorial board are once again attacking the federal electric vehicle tax
credit, and are once again ...

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