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EVLN: Aurora-freaking-borealis shines on Donken McElectricity> alltid oppet
EVSE @McD.se (v)
Of course Swedish McDonald's installed electric car
September 5, 2019 ... 48% of Swede drivers say it’s hard for them to find
charging stations on the road. McDønald’s currently has 55 charging stations
installed at their roadside locations, and intends to install another 167
over the course of the next three years. This is a great thing for the
environment, and a pretty great business strategy ...

EVLN: 35.5kWh Honda-E EV Released.eu r:220km 0-100kph:8s
Honda E Released for Europe
2019-09-04  For those who miss the sounds of a car, the Taycan will offer
something new. It will electronically enhance the sound of the ...
(Forbidden Fruit 4.us)

+ (vw ID3 EV sold out)
New limited edition electric Volkswagen sells out before launch
September 4th 2019  Volkswagen has sold out the limited edition of its ID.3
... The ID.3 is the first of 70 electric models that the Volkswagen Group
plans to release in the next decade ...

EVent: NDEW EV rides @Susan Campbell Park 9/14 11a-5p Annapolis-MD
Electric vehicles showcased in Annapolis
09/05/2019  Annapolis, MD ... 7th Annual Annapolis Electric Vehicle Showcase
... at City Dock (Susan Campbell on Saturday, September 14, from 11 a.m. to
5 p.m ...

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