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EVLN: Fuel-scarce/electricity-abundance drives PNG.id EV sales
Electric Vehicles are in High Demand in Papua
3 October 2019  CO, Jakarta - The electric vehicles manufacturer Selis is
quite successful in working on the market in Papua as many Asgats people had
ordered its electric ...

EVLN: Tesla Smart Summon is a welcomed mobility-challenged party-trick
Tesla’s Smart Summon is life-changing for drivers with mobility problems
September 27, 2019  While the previous iteration of Summon has been dubbed
as a neat “party trick” ...

SmartE Inaugurates 2 new EV Charging Hubs in Delhi
Oct 5th, 2019  SmartE has successfully commissioned two new EV charging hubs
... 300 electric three-wheelers are rolled out ... which will help nearly
30,000 commuters to move on a daily basis ...  is also offering free rides
to the customers, for the first 8-10 days ...

 (dos & dont's of when &where to use Tesla's auton summon)
Tesla Smart Summon isn't for use in public places, America
Smart Summon is part of the company's V10 software update on its Model 3,
Model S and Model X electric cars ...

Negative visibility> humans not plugging in Tesla PD chase EV
 ... to ensure PD EVs get their charging without worrying
about human forgetfulness, I just sent her wireless EVSE
links ...

 (Shell EV Fluids)
Shell Lubricants preps for electric vehicles ...
Shell remains active in developing new lubricants, coolants and other
technologies that support the fast-growing EV industry ... Shell Lubricants
acquired California-based electric vehicle charging network Green Lots and
battery producer Sonnen in Germany ...
BigOil wants a piece of the action> Valvoline EV Fluids

BigOil wants a piece of the action> Valvoline EV Fluids
Valvoline Announces Product Line For Electric Vehicles
September 26, 2019  Valvoline today announced the first of its electric
vehicle-specific product and service offerings with the introduction of
Valvoline EV Performance Fluids ...

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