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EVLN: $03.4/mi Minimized Charging Cost$> watch taper-pts &idle fee$
5 Ways to Minimize Charging Costs in a Chevy Bolt EV (and Other Electric
Sep 30 2019  It's common knowledge that driving an electric car like the
Chevy Bolt EV is cheaper, both in terms of maintenance and “fueling” the
vehicle. Even with a higher ...

EVLN: neuronev.co interchangeable-rear e-truck Irvine-CA
EV startup Neuron debuts new line of electric utility vehicles
Oct 04, 2019  Neuron EV, an electric vehicle startup with headquarters in
Irvine CA, recently unveiled a collection of electric utility vehicles it
claims has the potential to ...

+ (175kW Tritium EVSE.au made in LA-CA &sold.us)
Australian EV-charging tech grows in US
September 26, 2019  Brisbane.au -based electric vehicle charger
manufacturer, Tritium, has announced that it will be producing chargers for
the US market in Los_Angeles-CA ...

Tesla Semi Electric Trucks Roll Into Frito-Lay Plant
PepsiCo is introducing 15 Tesla Semi electric trucks at its Frito-Lay
manufacturing site in Modesto, California, as part ...

Tesla’s used cars prove popular in China with impressive value retention
Sep. 18th 2019  Both Model S and Model X are retaining their value in China
at a much higher rate than any other electric vehicle in the ...

EV in color you hate for a price you love> color affects resale-value
Sep 27, 2019  Why You Should Consider Buying A Green Car  
Get the car you want in the color you hate for the price you love ...

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