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EVLN: (render) Rivian e-RV> Amazon delivery e-van based
Rivian Electric Motorhome Render: Likely Part Of Rivian's Grand Plan?
Sep 30, 2019 ... an electric Rivian motorhome is easy to imagine ... not
much of a leap from a full-size cargo van to a motorhome ... render imagines
a camper based on the Amazon Rivian delivery van ...

EVLN: Buy used EV& $ave> she sez: If not us, who? If not now, When?
Electric cars: you can now find used deals for less than £7,000
5 Oct 2019  Interestingly, used electric vehicle prices have, in recent
months, started rising – a near unheard-of thing in the used car market – as
demand outstrips supply.

+ (twizy lsEV production moving from Valladoli.es to Busan.kr)
Renault Samsung to produce ultracompact Twizy EV from October
September 26, 2019  The two-seat EV will be assembled by local auto parts
maker Dongshin Motech Co., which has signed a five-year deal with Renault
Samsung ...

Is it just laziness that stops me from switching to an
electric car?
5 Oct 2019  The question marks over electric vehicles used to be about
battery technology and the cost. But “range anxiety” has largely been
conquered. The first Nissan ...

McDonald's Wants To Charge Your Electric Car
McDonald’s has grown to become Sweden’s largest restaurant chain for
electric car charging. After installing its first charging posts as early as
2009, the mega-chain now has 55 charging stations around the Scandinavian
country. The expansion of charging stations continues as McDonald’s aims to
include charging stations at all its drive-thru restaurants.” ...

Horsetalk> Study.uk of horsies' reactions to EVs (?seriously?)
Ongoing study explores horses' reactions to electric
September 28, 2019  Electric vehicles are sure to have a bright future, but
what do horses think of these whisper-quiet vehicles as they glide past? The
question is being addressed in ...

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