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EVLN: garage-italia.com 5classic Fiat Panda 4x4 EV-conversions
Lapo Elkann’s Garage Italia to pimp and electrify five Fiat Panda 4x4s
September 27, 2019  Garage Italia’s latest automotive venture is a series of
five classic Fiat Panda 4x4s, turned electric using local Newtron ...

EVLN: mega-TMC's Subaru EV brand> might swallow Mazda,Suzuki & Yamaha (v)
Toyota Deepens Ties With Subaru: Joint AWD Electric Cars Coming
Sep 30, 2019  jointly develop a platform dedicated to battery electric
vehicles (BEVs) using Subaru's AWD technologies and Toyota's vehicle
electrification technologies; jointly ...

Tacita unveils electric cruiser with manual gearbox!
Oct 03, 2019  Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Tacita recently
unveiled its latest offering ... the T-Cruise with either a 1kW, 27kW, 34kW
or a 44kW motor. These motors can be paired to either a 9kWh battery or an
18kWh battery pack. The smaller battery pack offers a range of 112 km, while
the bigger battery goes for 220 km. ...

 (£21.5k Chinese-owned MG ZS EV)
MG moves swiftly into the electric age
5 October 2019 ... MG’s first electric car and it notched up 1,000 orders in
two weeks. The first 1,000 retail customers were able to benefit from the
launch price ... (SAIC bought MG)

 (offt, politica ... may also short-leash koch-controls)
Commentary: Impeaching and removing Trump will save electric cars
September 30, 2019  Since taking office, Trump's crosshairs were set on
Obama-era regulations for fuel-efficiency standards, with collateral damage
to the fledgling electric-car ...

Anderson Cooper NYT anti-EV> drunk on koch-koolaid (v)
Teslanomics’ Responds To New York Times' Anti-Electric Car Article
Sep 29, 2019 ... Anderson Cooper’s idea that electric cars are slower and
less potent than ICE vehicles. Has he never heard of Tesla? Perhaps he is
reading The NY Times’ articles on EVs ...

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