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EVLN: $24k 2020 Taiga Orca e-jetski.ca > only 500 made r:2hr
Taiga launches Orca, a 100% electric jet ski with a two-hour battery
September 30, 2019 ... Canadian company ... makes yet another splash in the
luxury electric vehicle world with Orca, their first electric personal
watercraft ... only produce a total of 500 Orca units ... 1st 100 models
will ... be delivered to North American customers in summer 2020 ...

EVLN: Kitty Hawk Heaviside quiet 8rotor VTOL r:100mi (v)
Kitty Hawk says its third electric aircraft has a 100-mile range
Oct 3, 2019 ... the electric flight startup backed by Google co-founder
Larry Page, unveiled its third aircraft ... the orange-and-black ... lack of
noise while in flight is highlighting about its new aircraft ...

E-Mobility: Why electric three-wheelers are moving into the fast lane
September 25, 2019  The adoption of electric three-wheelers or e-rickshaws
appears to be gaining traction in India as opposed to other modes of
transport. This is due to many ...

 (Canada gets vw id3 EV, but not U.S.)
VW ID 3 for Canada, Tesla million-mile battery, an EV digital divide:
Today’s Car News
September 23, 2019  Volkswagen considers the idea of bringing the ID 3
electric hatchback to Canada but not the U.S ... The Golf-sized Volkswagen
ID 3 electric car might be sold in Canada, eventually, but VW has repeatedly
said that it won’t be available in the U.S. We help parse out what this
means ...

 (?Is it cnet or vw's pr-copy that isn't selling EVs here?)
Electrify America now has at-home charging covered
2019-10-01  ->Electric-vehicle ownership isn't for everyone. Folks who
regularly drive great distances or haul heavy loads are likely still better
served by internal combustion.<-

(no wonder e.america is messed up)> vw denies even more wrongdoings
Volkswagen Still Struggling With ‘Dieselgate’ Despite Trying to Shift Focus
to Electric Efforts
09/30/19  German ... regulators ... are making it hard for the century-old
carmaker ... company denied any wrongdoing and refused pay damages to
450,000 affected customers in Germany ...

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