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EVLN: EAVan> 3whl e-van thingy looks remarkably odd r:60mi ts:15mph
Will this teeny electric bicycle van thing save our city centres?
30 Oct 2019  Has this Oxford-based company invented the delivery van of the
future? ... In plain English – it's a four-wheeled bicycle with an electric
motor attached and a big ...

EVLN: Tesla packs &drivetrains for Fiat Chrysler Peugeot $48B merger EVs
Tesla may supply batteries and drivetrains for Fiat-Chrysler EVs in the
future, says CEO
2019-11-01  Fiat-Chrysler might be lagging somewhat among veteran automakers
when it comes to the development and rollout of its own all-electric
vehicles, but the ...

PARIS PASSION Pierce Brosnan’s model son tells how his family ‘inspires’ him
to be passionate about the environment
20 Oct 2019  Someone else might choose to go vegan, drive an electric car,
or build an eco-friendly ... Paris said: “Replanting trees in fire affected
areas is vital for our future ...

Big oil tries, and fails, to block an electric vehicle program in Minnesota
11/01/2019  In 2018, Minneapolis-based electricity and natural gas utility
Xcel Energy announced a $25 million pilot program for electric vehicles, or
EVs. As part of the plan ...

Toyota plans to launch compact EV in India in partnership with Suzuki
23rd Oct 2019  Japanese auto major Toyota Motor Corporation on Tuesday said
it plans to introduce a compact battery electric vehicle (BEV) in India in
association with Suzuki ... are looking to introduce the battery electric
vehicle (BEV) at an early stage ... without disclosing a timeframe ...

recall: MBenz EQC EVs' defective bolt
Mercedes recalls some EQC EVs to fix one potentially defective bolt
Oct 29th 2019  FRANKFURT — Daimler is recalling some new Mercedes-Benz EQC
electric ... could interrupt torque transmission to the front axle, leading
to a vehicle stall ...

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