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EVLN: Fisker Ocean e-SUV w/ app-based lea$e> 3x-way lower priced
Fisker electric SUV named Ocean, and it'll have an app-based lease
Oct 31st 2019  Fisker calls it 'world’s most sustainable vehicle' ... will
get an app-based leasing program ... priced “way, way, way lower” than the
electric Volvo XC40 ...

EVLN: Tesla-3 EVs officially approved as NYC yellow cabs
Tesla Model 3 becomes first electric car approved as NYC yellow cab
Oct. 29th 2019 ... according to the list of approved vehicles ... Tesla-3
... attract the interest of taxi companies ... officially approved the Tesla
Model 3 to become a NYC yellow cab ...

Modern Tires Will Be Much More Than Silent Partners
2019/10/20  “Mobility is going through a rapid transformation and driving
new innovations in the tire industry. New tire technology optimized for
electric vehicles ... Autonomous cars will present new challenges ...

Elon Musk: Model S, Model X production continues for ‘sentimental reasons’
October 23, 2019  Tesla continues to produce the Model S and Model X more
for “sentimental reasons than anything else,” CEO Elon Musk said ...

 (Texas Austinites want EVs)
Austin’s Steady Strides Toward Climate Sustainability
Nov. 1, 2019 ... EVs will be widely available more quickly than people
realize ... projections are that electric cars can become competitive with
gasoline power as early as 2022 or 2023. If that happens, combined with a
state energy grid that is increasingly "green and getting greener," ... more
Texans (certainly more Austinites) will begin to adopt electric vehicles for
both environmental and practical reasons. "When cheaper alternatives and
more pleasant alternatives are presented to most Americans, they'll adopt
those alternatives. Many younger people don't want to own a car, if that's
possible, and don't want to live in suburbia. ... (if you don't act like
adualts, we will)

Adding r:200mi 2an EV in 10min @elevated temperature> (trolling4$)
In and out with 10-minute electrical vehicle recharge
Oct 31, 2019  Scientist have developed a lithium ion battery that charges at
an elevated temperature to increase reaction rate but keeps ...

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