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EVLN: Ninja e-Motorcycle test-mule raced around track (v)
Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycles To Be Reborn As Electric Vehicles
November 6, 2019  He and his team have been working on electric motorcycles
since the 2000s. In a brand ... The Kawasaki Ninja Electric Vehicle seems to
be quite far in terms of ...

EVLN: Aston Rapide E in 007 movie> No Mr Bond, I expect you to RECYCLE!
Bond gets an electric car and a wife who refuses to ...
EXCLUSIVE: The 'wokest' 007 ever: James Bond gets an electric Aston ...
9 November 2019  Craig will drive an electric Rapide E model. Only 155 of
the £250,000 vehicles have been built ... producers determined to make ...
environmentally friendly 007 film ...

Everything you should know about Toyota's Battery Electric Vehicle
Oct 22, 2019 ... Battery Electric Vehicle, it is a small car with a short
range and poses as an eco-friendly alternative for short-distance commute
... unofficial details of its powertrain and battery pack, but it has been
confirmed that it has a top speed of 60 kmph, with a full-charge time of
five hours ...

The big lap: Electric car road trips turn fuel dollars into tourism dollars
6 November 2019  Over the past 7 weeks Robin, our youngest son and I have
travelled around Australia’s coastal roads in an electric vehicle, driving
the route many like to call “the big lap” -just over 19,000kms in total, all
6 states, 2 territories and 8 capital cities ...

Letter to the Editor: Electric cars are the way to go
20191106  As an electric vehicle driver for six years, my family has owned a
Chevy Spark EV, two Nissan Leafs, a KIA Soul EV and two Tesla Model 3s. I
think Robert Price ("Electric car lovers are among us, right here in oil
city," Nov. 3) missed one of the biggest selling points of EVs: charging at
home. About 90 percent of the time you are not looking for a place to charge
because just like your cell phone, you charge at home ...

Rider plays scared-card when $burned by Tesla-Uber ride.ca>
10min@superEVSE=75+mi (v)
Woman upset, frightened after Uber driver’s electric car runs out of power
A woman said she was shaken and frightened when her Uber driver told her his
electric car was running out of power and he had to take another route
during a ... adding an extra 30 minutes to her commute ... (video  flash)

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