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EVLN: Zoomcar EV.in fleet drove 100k-km last quarter
With 1 crore kms in last quarter, Zoomcar leads electric vehicles marathon
NEW DELHI: Zoomcar announced its fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) has
completed over one crore kilometer in the last quarter. Currently, Zoomcar
has ... new announcements on several additional EV offerings in the coming
months ...

EVLN: Kia Futuron Auton EV concept unveiled @Intl Import Expo in Shanghai.cn
Kia Futuron EV concept revealed
November 06, 2019  Kia has taken the covers off an SUV 'coupe' concept it
says will lead the way for its future electric vehicle designs.
Appropriately named the Futuron, Kia's latest ...

+ (underground-retractable public EVSE.uk)
Oxford sees world's first pop-up electric vehicle charging points
November 08, 2019  THE world’s first residential ‘pop-up’ on-street electric
vehicle charging points ... ‘OxPops’ trial features six ‘UEone’ retractable
pavement bollards installed in Lonsdale Road, Summertown ... are
app-operated and retract underground when not in use to reduce street
clutter ...

Peugeot 208 EV from €27334
Peugeot has revealed price and spec of its new 208 and electric e-208 due
... The electric powertrain comes in Active, Allure and GT Line trims and
exclusively in the flagship GT. The 136bhp EV has a 50kWh battery and three
drive modes: Eco, Normal and Sport. Driving range is up to 340km (WLTP
test). Cabin and boot space are the same ...

 (100 L3 & 1.4k L2 public EVSE for San_Jose-CA)
San Jose approves plan to double electric charging
... 1,400 new level 2 chargers and 100 direct current fast chargers by the
end of 2022 ... city’s department of transportation hopes to install 5,409
charging ports by 2025 ...

No power4 EVs,phones,schools,+ > less-wind,CA still-burning, mayors2 buyout

Wildfires Forcing Electric Car Owners To Find New Ways To Power Up
2019/11/08  Levee's evacuation call came at 4 a.m. The Getty fire was just a
few miles away. He and ... Mandeville Canyon neighbors needed to evacuate.
He grabbed what he could and threw it into his half charged electric Chevy
Bolt ... with plenty of power to make a quick getaway ... During the
blackout, the ...  neighborhood was a cacophony of ... generator rumblings
... For ... enterprising electric car owners ... that's the secret sauce to
surviving what's becoming the new (burning) normal ...

Genset EV charging =secret2 surviving (not just CA, blame climate change)
Australia's Terrifying Bushfires Remind Us Climate Change Is Here
November 8, 2019  Bushfires are raging through southeastern Australia and
have possibly killed hundreds of koalas at one nature reserve ... WILDFIRE

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