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EVLN: Few EVSE are as coveted &contested as those @Whole-Foods
How Whole Foods became ground zero in the charging wars
 ... duking it out for are the electric vehicle charging stations in the
parking lot. ... who buy organic arugula are also the kind of people who are
first to adopt electric ... Whole Foods installed its first chargers about a
decade ago. The stations were often sited right by the entrance, and
customers could charge for free ... (EVSE use showdowns)

EVLN: Atieva,Lucid-Air EV assembly plant @Casa_Grande-AZ r:400mi ts:200mph
Tesla Competitor, Lucid Motors, Confirms Luxury EV Production In Arizona
11/11/19  Atieva, the parent company of Lucid, couldn't get the funding to
get Lucid Air, the premier electric vehicle (EV) ...
(video  flash)

Clean, Fresh Air Benefits Us All — EV Etiquette Is For Everyone
November 11th, 2019 ... natural food coop I paid to join, there was, oddly,
missing signage by the 4 charging spots ... At that time, a polite Chevy
Bolt driver moved his EV so I could charge ... 1 person told me all EV
drivers are rude at all charging stations all over the country. Poorly fed
hearsay! This has never, ever been my experience. I have found friendly EV
drivers happy to share the values of clean air, and environmental concern

Tesla Model 3 soundly humbles tuned 2020 Toyota Supra ...
November 10, 2019 ... note that the Tesla Model 3 Performance is actually
the electric car maker’s most conservative ... Model 3 Performance relies on
its raw power in straight-line races ...

 (Mach-E hecho en Mexico)
Ford bets on Mustang’s reputation with Mexico-made Mach-E SUV
NOV 15 2019 ... DETROIT – The Mustang Mach-E is a groundbreaking vehicle for
Ford Motor that marks the beginning of a new-generation of all-electric
vehicles ...  experts don’t expect Ford to receive much pushback for its
decision to produce the Mach-E at its plant in Cuautitlan, Mexico ...

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!> 2020 deliveries of $500 2021 Mach-E EV reservations
Here's the 2021 Mustang Mach E, leaked by a reservation site
November 15, 2019 ... % FMC (?purposely?) leaked their Mach-E reservation
web page, then promptly took it down. On Sunday 20191117, plunk your $500
reserve for 1of5 trims, hecho en MX, 2021 model to be delivered in 2020 %

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