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EVLN: $550k Bugatti’s 4seat luxury EV> r&d needs vw's approval
Bugatti’s First Electric Car Will Be a ‘More Affordable’ Four-Seater
11/20/2019  The French marque has revealed plans to enter the EV market not
with a supercar but with a four-seater. Bugatti is ... in negotiations with
vw Group to help fund the ...

EVLN: $6.5k waydoo.io Flyer electric hydrofoil r:1+hr ts:40kph (v)
The new Waydoo Flyer electric hydrofoil is lighter and cheaper
NOVEMBER 25, 2019  Thanks to a first-class electric propulsion system, the
Waydoo Flyer is capable of ... and there is even an option to help riders
create the unique fly-above-water ...

+ (Russkie has huge fossil fuel reserves =$B 2b made))
Russia bars Belarus from reducing import duty on electric cars
2019.11.25  Russia has spoken against Belarus' intention to cut down the
duties on importing electric vehicles, Valyantsina Nahavitsyna, Deputy Head
of the State Customs ...

 (FOMM1 floating EV)
Floating EV aims to save lives in floods
November 25, 2019  A Japanese startup run by a former engineer for Toyota
and Suzuki is launching a small electric car that can float during ...

Continental Cut 5,040 Jobs As It Phases Out Engine Components Amid Auto
Industry Shift
11/20/19 ... restructuring comes as ... a decline in ice components as more
electric vehicles begin to enter the market ... looking to accelerate its
move towards electric mobility ... driven by stricter emissions regulations

GM cut 4k ice jobs> hiring4 EV jobs, No one left unscathed, 'New-collar'
After cutting 4,000 jobs, GM is hiring. But not for traditional
gasoline-powered vehicles.
Nov. 19, 2019 ... GM jobs at every level will change, with many new jobs
demanding a whole new skill set ... Automakers such as GM are pursuing
electric because of regulatory ...

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