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EVLN: Vaya offering PV-charged Leaf EVs in Zimbabwe, S.Africa
The Electric Cars That Were Promised By Vaya Are Here Now
21 Nov 2019  A few months ago, Econet Global CEO Strive Masiyiwa announced
that Vaya would start using Electric Vehicles (EVs) and it seems those
electric vehicles are ...

EVLN: Lilium e-vtol> plush flying taxi r:300km ts:305kph (v)
Inside the high-stakes race to build world's first flying taxi
Nov 21, 2019 ... most promising and secretive start-ups in the global race
to build an all-electric aircraft that will – regulators and public opinion
... provide a 10-minute trip from Manhattan-NY to Kennedy International
Airport for $70/€63 ...

Hyundai launches first car with solar roof charging system
  ... Electricity is produced when solar energy activates the solar panel's
surface, which converts this ...

Edmonton pilot hopes to cross the finish line in international electric
airplane race
Nov 19, 2019  20-member team includes Silicon Valley engineers trying to
develop electric airplane motor ... friends who've been working in the
electric vehicle market in Silicon Valley. ... Sun Flyer 2, a two-seat
electric-powered aircraft that is used for flight training ...

Dubai Air Show: The man putting a jolt into electric air racing
18 November 2019 ... I can now see the potential of electric aircraft ...
Air Race E ... 16 teams racing electric-powered aircraft around a circuit at
up to 450 kmp (278 mph) and about 10 metres (32 ft) off the ground ...

Bare-butt-bikini riding diy personal e-vtol ultralight (v)
Meet the 24-year-old trying to build the world’s 1st personal flying device
November 19, 2019  "I’m a pilot for an experimental ultralight, fully
electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft ...

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