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EVLN: Ultraviolette F77 4.2kWh e-motorcycle.in r:130+km ts:120+kph
Ultraviolette F77 electric bike review, test ride
21st Nov 2019  Here's what India's first sporty electric motorcycle feels
like. ... Experience has now led me to understand that just because an EV's
torque number matches that ...

EVLN: $40:250,50:300,70k:500mi Tesla pu e-truck> 150+k orders (v)
EVLN: $40,50,70k Tesla pu e-truck> 150+k pre-orders r:250,300,
Elon Musk says Tesla has received 146,000 orders for its Cybertruck ...
2019/11/23 ... critical of the truck’s extreme style ... others speculated
that the design could be a primary selling point ... some view Tesla's truck
as a niche product ... (% Critics poo-poo, what they will never understand

Safeboda finally launches in Nigeria
December 1, 2019 ... Africa’s number one motor cycle hailing company —
safeboda.com has finally launched in Nigeria ... plans to add electric
motorcycles to its fleets ...

'Made in Germany': Tesla sets up shop in Berlin
2019-11-13  U.S. electric vehicle pioneer Tesla will build its first
European factory and design centre near Berlin to produce cars ... 'We
lobbied for this for a long time' ...
Tesla to Open First European Gigafactory in Berlin

Getting EV Charging Out of the 'Dark Ages'
Nov 18, 2019 ... There are a lot of dynamics there that make it a great
place to drive EV charging and EV usage, but you still have to prioritize,
The EV planning universe, it's in the dark ages ... Tesla has sought to
overcome it by building a network of more than 3,000 chargers across North
America ...

L3 EVSE ICEing worst-case> literally(2avoid hail) &figuratively
The worst case of “ICEing” at an electric vehicle charging station in
Nov 18, 2019 ... Electric car ultra rapid chargers ... was “iced” both
literally and figuratively ... provide charging spots for up to four
electric vehicles ... ice were trying to escape a deluge of hail that hit
the area ... (exacerbated climate change from ice-pollution)

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