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EVLN: Reporter.za learns i-pace charging &guessometer watching
Can you use an electric vehicle for your holidays?
Nov 21, 2019 - We undertake a range-anxiety test by driving from Joburg to
Durban in a ... Conclusion: You can use the Jaguar I-Pace as a holiday car
... can get juiced-up for free for the next 12 months ...

EVLN: (spied) Tesla Cybertruck on public LA-CA roads
Someone spotted a Cybertruck being driven on public roads close to Tesla's
design headquarters
2019 11 28 ... A Tesla Cybertruck appears to have been spotted on a public
road even ... The video was shot near Tesla's design studio in Hawthorne,
... ... Though the average Joe won't be able to drive one of the vehicles
until the ...

BlackBerry to Power Arrival's Generation 2.0 Intelligent ...
Nov 19, 2019 will license its BlackBerry QNX technology to ... Arrival's EVs
represent a ... autonomous vehicle market ... change ... delivery e-vans
powered by BlackBerry are set to hit the roads in early 2020. DHL, Royal
Mail and John Lewis will also be trialing Arrival's lightweight EVs ...

Lego mocks Tesla's Cybertruck window test with its own ‘shatterproof’ product

Hollywood soundscapes will be an add-on feature for BMW EVs
Nov. 21st 2019  The first output from Zimmer's collaboration with BMW was
the creation of a sound when an electric vehicle stops and starts ... the
most delicious Beatles chord ...

Marshall-CA cow-pies>biodigester>ch4-genset2>grid-charged BMW EVs
No Bullsh*t, BMW Plans to Fuel Its Future Electric Vehicles With Cow Poop
NOVEMBER 21, 2019 ... a methane “biodigester” ... the energy is exported to
the public power grid and used to charge the EVs ...

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