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EVLN: ev-Nazi tmc/Lexus sez No Electric Car For You! (UX-300e not4.us)
Lexus To US: No Electric Car For You!
November 27th, 2019  Lexus last week officially presented its first battery
electric car, the UX 300e, at the Guangzhou ..

EVLN: ?A “flood-proof” version.cn of the Tesla-3? (v)
Watch Tesla test Model 3 by making it drive into water
Nov 24, 2019 - A Tesla Model 3 in China has been spotted driving into
relatively ... MIC Tesla Model 3 under going testing driving over high
water. ... Tesla #TeslaChina #MIC #Model3 #GF3 #特斯拉 #中国 $TSLA

Toyota Says There is No Demand for Electric Vehicles in America
November 26, 2019  Car buyers are far more interested in hybrids than in
electric vehicles, according to one of Toyota's top executives. In America,
battery-powered ...

 (Mayor.mx reserves 15 cybertrucks, $eeking a di$count)
A mayor in Mexico put down his own money to reserve 15 Cybertrucks, and he's
hoping for a discount from Elon Musk
2019-12-01  Adrián Esper Cárdenas of Ciudad Valles ... reserved ... by
making a deposit of US $1,500 with his own ... month's salary ... "I
reserved 10 2-motor and five 3-motor models," ... "We'll take a photo and
send it to ... Musk, see if he gives us a discount." ...

Mumbai Startup's Electric Car Will Let You Travel at Just Rs 0.40/Km!
... Strom-R3  With a top speed of 80 kmph, the vehicle offers a battery
range of 200 km
on a single charge and maintains a low operating cost at Rs 0.40 per km ...

Honda.eu Prez sez: (f c)v &diesel-ice kaput,abandoned> EV &hev focused now
Honda turns up the voltage in Europe: another new EV, no more diesels, no
more (h two)
November 25, 2019 ... is also swearing off diesel and (h two) ... it would
phase out diesel cars by 2021 ... “(Our) focus is on hybrid and electric
vehicles now” ...

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