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EVLN: $75k E-Tron price &name> struggling4 market-share, Audi happy
The Audi E-Tron Isn't Exactly A Mega-Hit Yet
 ... Penske Thinks The E-Tron Is Being Held Back By ‘Sticker Shock’ ...
Electric vehicles “have not had the lift that (the industry) expected ...

EVLN: dink-Cadillac EV coming(wanted or not)> gm's grand e-plan
Cadillac’s First Electric Vehicle Will Debut In About A Year From Now
NOVEMBER 30, 2019 ... the crossover will ride on a newly developed modular
platform that was designed specifically for electric vehicles ... (?another

BMW's Upcoming i4 Electric Car Will Be More Powerful Than The M3
NOV 24, 2019  Details are still scarce but Road/Show has some early specs
and expectations for the i4, one of twenty five all or partially electric
cars scheduled to come out of ...

 (updated milk-floats)
Milk & More Partners with Elmtronics as entire fleet switches to electric
November 25, 2019  The country's largest grocery and milk doorstep delivery
service, Milk & More, rolled out 159 new environmentally-friendly electric
vehicles (EVs) from June to ...

Musk suggests Tesla has 200000 orders for Cybertruck
NOVEMBER 25, 2019  The launch of its futuristic pickup on Thursday ... Musk
... tweeted again on Sunday saying “200K” - an apparent reference to the
number of Cybertruck orders ... said the Cybertruck is Tesla’s last product
unveil for a while ...
start manufacturing the Cybertruck around late-2021 ...

Future smaller Tesla e-truck (light) hinted | 200+k orders
Tesla Cybertruck: Elon Musk hints at making smaller version ...
The design of the vehicle is just as futuristic as Musk warned prior to the
event, ... plan to build different electric vehicles on the same platform as
the pickup truck.

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